Have you ever wondered why you suddenly feel so miserable.

I’m not talking clinical depression or other actual illness. I mean one minute it’s all perfectly, normal,happy,everyday life, then you turn on the television and within a couple  of  minutes, doom and gloom reigns.

Why does it seem so necessary for major sellers, to convince you to buy something through fear and dread? Surelyit doesn’t have to be like this?,

Personally, I’m more likely to buy something if I  feel happier.

I no longer buy newspapers, I don’t trust anything they say anyway, and I  don’t like the way they make me feel…..I so easily get upset. We don’t have the news on,  for the same reasons…..ever. but I still know what’s going on…..kind of,well I’m informed, I couldn’t have a conversation about it(not without crying anyway).

I recently heard, ‘there is more kindness than cruelty in the world’, more good things happen than bad,and there was another cheery thing too……..but I can’t remember it. What I’m trying to say is we only get a one sided view, so we all think the world is more inhospitable than it actually is.  Maybe we should all ignore the media, and I’m including all the rubbish posted on social media etc .

….and instead listen to our hearts, cos I think most of them are just fabulous!

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