My youngest son and his girlfriend, have just had their offer on a house accepted. I feel both happy and anxious for them. I  remember how stressful it all is, though actually I don’t feel stress this time, probably cos it’s not me moving….but all the same I don’t want them to have let downs or upsets. Being organised…..thats how to do it. The first time I moved I was in a right kerfuddled. Loads of boxes, all unmarked…..couldn’t find a kettle, milk cups, sheets, towels….nothing,and three hours in and getting tearful,grubby and tired -I just wanted a cup of tea, a bath and a good sleep. Both my sons were young Blake being four years old accepted everything and got on with it…….Luke was just a baby but I’d had the foresight to get organised with his stuff,with all his equipment being stuffed into a ‘Mothercaŕe’ changing bag.I was very late to bed that night. Then I learnt to  pack special survival boxes,with tea making equipment..and biscuits  got to be chocolate digestives ,bed making and bath stuff,oh and toilet rolls,lets not belittle their importance! And mark the boxes.Now it’s difficult to get a mortgage, they need a hefty deposit and repayments are practically their wages… does make me wonder why its so expensive these days? I mean we all need shelters,so why?Though we lived through a time houses got repossessed… indeed ours was. I wonder now if it was meant to happen….for the best I mean? The house I’ve ended up with,I  completely love.

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