I turned around to see who it was,who obviously knew us and had shouted a greeting.  I  was walking….carefully……..with my trusty husband,along the street, to go to the shop’s, husband..Andy had turned around too. There was a bit of an awkward moment……balance wise,I don’t have much! It’s easily lost when my counter weight (husband) gets distracted.

Neither of us recognised the young man,then we realised he was speaking, quite loudly, to someone on his mobile phone.

We encountered a couple more youths,  ignoring the world,and speaking loudly to an unseen body, on the other end of a mobile phone.

Sadly, we see young mums pushing pushchairs with their young offspring  on board for a nice country walk , ignoring the scenary and the child, giving all their attention to the mobile phone.

One of the the most disappointing things was, whilst we were walking at Wembury Point,a local beauty spot,overlooking the Channel…English Channel,  sunshine twinkling off the water,blue,cloudless sky and kestrals treading (whatever the air equivalent is) the air, a young toddler was desperately trying to get his mother’s attention but she was too engrossed in her phone. I couldn’t help thinking she’d regret that….So soon he’ll be grown-up.

Perhaps I don’t understand, I  too have a mobile phone,but I  can’t see the importance of using it whilst I’m out and about. To be honest, I don’t think I could talk on the phone and walk,I  have to concentrate on staying upright, cos of the balance imbuggerance. I have grown up in a different time,and well,it’s not unusual to criticise the younger generation …….it’s my job! I do think modern technology stops  folk noticing life going on….shouldn’t there be some kind of balance?



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