I am about to embark on quite a significant year, my eldest son is getting married, my youngest son becomes a parent in June, I turn sixty and my husband and I have been married for thirty years…..though maybe i’m thirty but celebrate sixty years of marriage….wait……how would that work?

I’m attending a weekly balance and stability course, and have since fallen more often, including downstairs. I’ve had balance problems since 1997, when I had a mystery illness, Encephalitis or a virus, or some imbuggerance.

I’ve also volunteered to volunteer,to visit people that can’t get out and don’t see anyone……. like a captive audience, who knows, my psychiatric nurse skills may be deployed and I may be useful to someone.

I’ve also enrolled on an online course -concerning the natural world.

I’m now into my eighth year of a slimming club…. I lost two stone, stayed there for a while, then regained a stone……… believe it or not the club is perfect, but I keeping cramming food into my pie hole. However my sons’ wedding is in May and I would at least like to lose that stone I regained. Besides my joints are straining under the weight….I’m currently fourteen and a half stone and menopausal to boot.

I delve into veganism, decide it’s too strict and I’m ill prepared, so I try vegetarianism but then I’ll make scotch eggs with minced turkey and I eat one……what a dilemma_I’m a true flexitarian, but I try, which is what counts! Isn’t it?

This christmas I used brown paper to wrap presents…… kinder to the environment, apparently- being recyclable, but it ripped when I looked at it, and when I put them under the Christmas tree, they looked like I’d already opened them, played with them,then rewrapped them. This year, Andy (husband) and I were on our own. We haven’t really got any traditions, I think that’s a mistake, we spent all day cooking  the dinner, that I’d prepped christmas eve anyway……..I shit you not! We did watch Disney’s Moana. Even though it was the perfect Christmas day weather, we didn’t make the most of it, by Boxing day it was grey and wet again.

The highlight had to be travelling to Torquay in Devon, about 25 miles away from my living room, to a lovely hotel…….(wait,  that’s not just it) _to meet up with some of the girls I did my nurse training with. One who’d we’d all been trying to track down for years…we didn’t even know her surname, and finally there she was, good ol’ facebook! So there we were FORTY years later. Talking and stumbling trying to say all the words in just one word……it was complicated but such fun and friendship!

So I’ve got much to look forward to this year…… best not eat that biscuit eh?

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Dieting…..Not!

  1. It sounds as if you do have much to celebrate with the upcoming wedding and new grandchild. As for the rest, be kind to yourself….I couldn’t manage to be a vegan either!


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