One of the things I enjoy most,is lying all snuggly in bed and hearing owls…..I just love them. I look, but I’ve never seen one in the wild.

When I  was a little girl ,I must have been asleep with my eyes open,I think I’d slept walked too. Cos as I  climbed into bed with my sleeping parents,I noticed, or thought I did, two large owls sitting on the top of a roof, just across from us. It was a full moon. I’ve never forgotten that scene, it was right before the moon put on the most gorgeous Technicolor show…..with red,velvet stage curtains and all………it was a dream then……wasn’t it?

This last year I hadn’t heard an owl! Then I read that they were in trouble and the Bto (British trust for ornithology) were doing a survey  for places that heard them. I didn’t want to believe it,not the owls, surely they would be alright. I firmly believed they would recover! That’s what nature does until man destroys it again! Had it gone too far? Was this the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Then one night I heard it…..far away but a definite ‘hoot.

I sprang out of bed……not easy with balance problems, I don’t usually spring,I’ll have you know! Went to the window, opened it, and listened.  Yep,there it was again……..oh and again!

Now,my husband isn’t deaf, but he is hard of hearing.  So after shutting the window and making it back to bed,he’d not been disturbed at all. So it was with some effort  I woke him. It was 1.30am.

ARE YOU AWAKE? I shouted in his ear ( I was very excited…..and it took several shouts until he heard me)

‘I am now’,……oops angry and shocked was he. Immediately I regretted waking him. I would be pretty annoyed if someone woke me to listen to  something I had no chance of hearing,even if I cared.

I  was wide awake and full of excitement…….like a kid on Christmas eve . I told him about the owl, he probably wasn’t in the least impressed but love him,he pretended to be. Both of us found sleep elusive after that.

At 4am we were both sitting downstairs in our conservatory  drinking tea and eating toast.

Since then I’ve only heard one more owl…..before we’d even gone to bed!

I remain hopeful they will recover!

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