Last week, Andy and I attended a talk………a very informative talk about looking after sick or injured hedgehogs. They reckon if things don’t change (and I think they will), hedgehogs could be extinct in England by 2025. I personally love hedgehogs, but I’ve been lucky in life that they’ve always shared a garden with me, no matter where I’ve lived. I still get that thrill in my tummy when I see or hear one.

It may seem like a no-brainer that I’d love to look after hedgehogs………….oh, the satisfaction of releasing an endangered species back to the wild and knowing (perhaps rather smugly), that without you it wouldn’t be there, och, the joy of it.

But, then there’s the other side, the ones despite your best efforts are no more, the weeping that must surely follow…..I imagine you prepare for that when it happens and I’m sure the releases make up for it. But then I have practicalities to consider with my balance issues and clumsiness, things being of sync. Would I do more harm? It’s a confidence issue really, I know that.

Caring for hedgehogs is quite involved ‘Never give milk’ was a message that was drummed into us …..hedgehogs are lactose intolerant! I knew this having watched many wildlife programs in the ‘behind’ or past but never the less this message rang loud  and clear…….as was don’t disturb a nest or mummy hedgehog, and they usually give birth to odd numbers like three, five or seven, I didn’t know that……..did you? Is it common knowledge?

So watch this space……I probably will nurse hedgehogs, with Andy of course,he loves wildlife too. In fact he has this affinity with animals, he’s very calm. I’m a panicker, But I do love hedgehogs and I definitely wouldn’t give them milk.

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