……sorry meant to save but accidentally published…..So many lovely buttons!

Anyway……I  was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor at twenty eight years,  which I didn’t even need treatment for, it was all encapsulated. In fact I recovered so fast and so well, all my Doctors were surprised. That’s marvellous but it did leave me with a lasting anxiety……I mean ANXIETY about my health.

Now any little symptom is checked, then double checked online, and I always think it’s the worst possible thing.

Of course, I’m not the only one who does this,but I would like to stop. Yet,we hear horror stories about  so anď so who suddenly  dropped dead,but we aren’t told the whole story cos it’s less sensational..not so gossip worthy.

Common sense should prevail, we have to remember _more good things happen than bad…….we don’t get told about them,of course.  But on a daily basis, it’s true!We really weren’t designed to live off bad news……and the more we hear it. and believe it_the worse our health becomes!

A Doctor once said, ‘if it sounds like a horse and looks like a horse, it’s probably a horse!


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